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Soga Miga Review

As a Filipina who enjoys watching Koreanovelas, I can claim that many things from Korea have tremendously inspired some of us, including meals. Aside from that, have you ever wondered why samgyeopsal is such a popular meal in the Philippines? There are numerous images of it on social media, and there are several new establishments… Continue reading Soga Miga Review


Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBq Review

Annyeonghaseyo!!! Have you ever had a craving for Korean food? Have you heard the term "samgyeopsal"? It is a Korean food that means grilled dish, and in the Philippines, practically all Filipinos (including myself) are definitely invaded by Koreans, which is why many Korean restaurants emerged and served samgyeopsal. This was the first time we… Continue reading Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBq Review


Dwaeji Samgyupsal Unlimited Korean BBq Review

Because I've been wanting grilled food, and because Korean cuisine and products are all the rage, I decided to dine like a Korean. 😍😍 We went to try the Dwaeji Samgyupsal. It is a modest restaurant on the second floor, next to the highway, in Naic, Cavite, which is fairly close to our house. If… Continue reading Dwaeji Samgyupsal Unlimited Korean BBq Review