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Missha’s M Gold Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

Did you know that BB creams were first created as a soothing and regenerative salve for patients after laser treatment, and that its soothing and regenerative features led to their adaptation for cosmetics to heal skin while giving coverage? I had no idea about this BB cream trivia till I came upon it while surfing… Continue reading Missha’s M Gold Perfect Cover BB Cream Review

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Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review

I've had this lipstick for a very long time, and I first noticed it when Kim-Bok-Joo appeared in Weightlifting Fairy. This Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar is the lipstick I wanted to highlight on my blog. This is a dual-shade, split-bullet lipstick with complimentary high-gloss and semi-matte hues for an on-trend gradation effect. It creates… Continue reading Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar Review

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Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review

It might be difficult to apply makeup when you're pressed for time, especially if you're running behind schedule for the day. Setting an alarm and getting up early is the only way to deal with that. You may use this right, though, if, like me, you're too lazy to wear a lot of makeup. I… Continue reading Althea Petal Velvet Powder Review


Missha Dare Tint Mirror Sleek Shade #05 Review

Lipstick comes in a variety of hues and styles. During my first job, I became obsessed with lipstick. I liked how it added color to my face even when I wasn't wearing any makeup. So I started experimenting with different lipstick colors and kinds, whether from a US or Korean brand. Some of the greatest… Continue reading Missha Dare Tint Mirror Sleek Shade #05 Review

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NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation Review

Foundations may be found everywhere. Different varieties, several brands, and various consistencies.  In reality, I've tried a few, and they haven't all lived up to my expectations. Using foundation can help our skin look more consistent and brighter. This serves as a foundation for the cosmetics look. It conceals blemishes and, in most cases, alters… Continue reading NARS Soft Matte Complete Foundation Review