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Revlon Ultra HD Snap! Review

I am not that fanatic when it comes to nail polish, especially if it comes to my hands. If I'm gonna wear it, I'm gonna put it on my feet. This Revlon Ultra HD Snap is one of the products that were sent by Influenster last year when I was still a member. But before… Continue reading Revlon Ultra HD Snap! Review

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Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Review

Most of us are having dry, flaky, and itchy skin, especially on our hands, as a result of the hot weather and frequent handwashing brought on by the pandemic. Lotions and jellies are completely ineffective at treating this condition. Even if you've been ignoring your skin problems for a while, itching and overdrying are quite… Continue reading Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Review

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Static Nails Liquid Glass Lacquer Review

Hi! I appreciate you stopping by my blog. Just letting you know that I’m in the process of moving the information from my blog to another website. You may read my review of this item on: Again, thankyou! Hoping that you will visit my new blog! Thank you!