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CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Review

The milk tea industry is booming in the Philippines. We Filipinos can enjoy the many milk tea flavors because of the impact of the Korean and Japanese people. However, milk tea is as easy as 1-2-3 since we can just add milk to any flavor of tea and presto! We now have our own own… Continue reading CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Review

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Soga Miga Review

As a Filipina who enjoys watching Koreanovelas, I can claim that many things from Korea have tremendously inspired some of us, including meals. Aside from that, have you ever wondered why samgyeopsal is such a popular meal in the Philippines? There are numerous images of it on social media, and there are several new establishments… Continue reading Soga Miga Review

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Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Review

I have always loved eating out and have done so ever since I can remember. I like trying different cuisines that restaurants of all kinds provide. And buffalo wings were then, as they are now, my favorite dish on the menu. I don't recall where I first tasted it, but I liked how the spicy… Continue reading Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings Review

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Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Review

Probiotic yogurt can give various amazing medical advantages that work out in a good way past that of non-fermented milk. Probiotic yogurt is related with an assortment of digestive related medical advantages. Ordinary utilization of yogurt with live and dynamic cultures assist with treating anti-microbial related loose bowels by reestablishing balance in your gastrointestinal flora.… Continue reading Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Review


Ka Joel’s Restaurant Review

The Philippines has been steadily strengthening its position as a center for food development. I've been dining in various establishments for a while, and I should say it's been a great experience. So one of our main goals when visiting Puerto Princesa was to find a good restaurant. Many of the greatest new restaurants in… Continue reading Ka Joel’s Restaurant Review