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Dark Light by Jodi Taylor Book Review

People tell you their darkest secrets and then regret it and then all they want to do is get away so they can pretend it never happened.”

Excerpt from:
Jodi Taylor,
Dark Light (Elizabeth Cage Book 2)
Synopsis from Goodreads

From the frying pan into the fire.

Betrayed, terrified and alone, Elizabeth Cage has fled her home. With no plan and no friends, she arrives at the picturesque village of Greyston and finds herself involved in an ages-old ceremony that will end in death.

And that might be the least of her problems – the Sorensen Institute would very much like to know her whereabouts. And Michael Jones is still out there, somewhere, she hopes. No matter how far and how fast she can run, trouble will always find Elizabeth Cage.

I’ve admired Jodi Taylor since I first read Elizabeth Cage’s first novel. As an author, she has a tremendous gift for having her readers feel what the characters are feeling in the novel. When I first read the first volume in this series, I was terrified and couldn’t sleep. The same goes with this novel. I appreciate how she got me nervous about the first nine chapters. I felt terrible for the terrified Elizabeth Cage. It was both terrifying and exhilarating, making me want to read the book all at once. I was blown away by her tale concept. It was fantastic.

But, after those terrifying and spine-chilling chapters, it all devolved into a dull middle tale. All of the episodes happened at once, as if the author was rushing through them while including inconsequential lines that I considered cheesy and unconnected. It sounded nothing like Elizabeth Cage. I’m not sure why the author abruptly chopped those nice sections, and I think it would have been better if she kept them till the finish. Even if she returned to those fantastic scenes in the last chapters, the stories in the middle were so uninteresting that I was inclined to skip the entire thing.

I had a lot of trouble finishing this one. Do other reviewers read the same book that I did? There were a ton of 5-star reviews, which baffles me. There are several unconnected side tales. I’ll definitely read the third one, but I’m hoping she settles into these characters and their tales. Because the basic idea, that the protagonist, Elizabeth, had some psychic skill that an evil institute intended to utilize for dark ends, morphed into a tremendous hodgepodge of otherworldly pandemonium, I truly felt that this novel went badly off the tracks. And I was quite dissatisfied as a result.

Anyway, I’ll probably read the third book sometime, just not right now. In order to start over on the third one with fresh eyes, I believe I still need to wipe off my negative thoughts about this sequel. Since I’m so dissatisfied, I’m not sure whether I’ll give it a high recommendation, but if you’ve already read the first book, you must read the sequel to support Elizabeth’s journey.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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