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Soga Miga Review

As a Filipina who enjoys watching Koreanovelas, I can claim that many things from Korea have tremendously inspired some of us, including meals. Aside from that, have you ever wondered why samgyeopsal is such a popular meal in the Philippines? There are numerous images of it on social media, and there are several new establishments in the Philippines that cater to it. Many Filipinos love it because of the unusual notion of having a variety of side dishes.

Samgyeopsal is a South Korean delicacy made entirely of pork belly, the country’s most costly cut of pork. South Koreans consume it on average once every four days since it is so popular there. As samgyeopsal gained popularity in the Philippines, numerous restaurants opened and provided this Korean dish. Restaurants all throughout Manila, including adjacent provinces, offer “quality Korean BBQ” with exceptional sauces and a selection for side dishes. Depending on the type, prices often range from PHP380 to PHP1500.

And at one of my get-togethers with my friends, they decided to do it here in Soga Miga.

The fine-dining Korean restaurant called Sogamiga, which translates to “House with Special Beef,” serves mouthwatering pork and beef barbecues as well as delectable Korean food. Their specialties include a range of soups in hot bowls and stews.

Large groups of diners may easily fit inside the restaurant’s upgraded, contemporary environment. In addition to private rooms that may accommodate 4 to 6 people for festivities or business meetings, they also provide charcoal-grill tables. They have booked us in a room that can accommodate 4-6 people, however I’m not sure whether they offer larger rooms. This restaurant is located on the Festival Mall’s Upper Ground Floor, Expansion Wing, Muntinlupa City and is typically open around 11 a.m. to 9 p.m..

I’ve gone to a few Korean restaurants, but this was my first time at Soga Miga. Like other places I’ve visited, they had a buffet of side dishes, including beef, pork, and chicken. The main distinction between this restaurant and others serving the similar food is that Soga Miga is more pricey because of their meat that is usually, Wagyu (which is truly expensive) and has private rooms.

The meat was of high grade. If you’re used to eating marinated beef that’s delicious on its own, you could be dissatisfied with the wagyu since it has to be seasoned with soy or chili sauce. They also brought us premium wagyu beef pieces, which they claimed originated from the outer skirt steak, which is noted for having a unique and rich beef flavor. Although it is delivered in a number of little pieces designed to be wrapped in cabbage and consumed in the samgyeopsal fashion, its tasty and succulent samgyeopsal and marinated pork steak are also a real success for me. Besides that, each meal comes with a plethora of side dishes, ranging from sautéed veggies to their own flavored kimchi.

I particularly appreciated eating in their private rooms, which made me feel safer with my friends, especially given that we are in the grip of a worldwide pandemic. It encourages not just the security of not being in a crowded area, but also the calm and coziness of the setting. It was a great feeling to be fed delicious meals while surrounded by good friends.

I highly suggest it to individuals who enjoy eating samgyeopsal but are concerned about overcrowding in restaurants during the pandemic, as well as those who want unlimited Korean meals with high-quality meats. Undoubtedly, you should try this restaurant.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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