Suntory Horoyoi Peach Review

Have you tried any Japanese drinks? In actuality, I’ve never visited Japan, but it’s my greatest dream destination to visit and taste their diverse cuisine while touring the country. Aside from Koreans, it isn’t news that a few Japanese products are now available in the Philippines. Furthermore, it is a wonderful thing in my perspective since we can now experience and taste their items without having to travel to their nation. Furthermore, as an inquisitive person who enjoys trying new foods, I was really interested in trying this Suntory Horoyoi Peach after seeing it at the market.

According to Suntory, Horoyoi line, as other chuhai in Japan, has a normal of 3% ABV or liquor content per can. Assuming you contrast it and brew purchased from our general stores here in Philippines, this product has less liquor content. The Horoyoi line comes in different flavors which are green grapes, red grapes, peach, and white sour. The most well known among young ladies is the peach flavor. According to them, Peach Horoyoi has an unmistakable and strong peach flavor. The company claimed that this product has been produced so that individuals who doesn’t like the flavor of liquor can enjoy this beverage.

I was so excited to try this item that I tasted it and consumed it all at once, without researching or reading reviews about it. However, because it was written in Japanese, I had no understanding what the 3% meant at first. I’m not aware that what I’m consuming contains alcohol. I simply wanted to say that I don’t consume alcoholic beverages, therefore I’m not familiar with their taste. While drinking this beverage, I discovered that the taste is a little strange at first, but after a while, you will experience the sweetness of the peach that the flavor promises. I was absolutely taken aback since I am one of those people who does not enjoy alcoholic beverages and, while attempting to avoid it, accidentally tried and tasted it because I was attracted in by this charming and adorable can with photos of natural products in pastel tones. The beautiful design of this Horoyoi makes it easy for me, who is not a drinker, to consider purchasing and trying this type of beverage.

To be honest, I felt rejuvenated after sipping this beverage. I can’t claim I couldn’t taste the booze because it was 3% because I’m not familiar with the flavor of liquor, but honestly, I simply tasted the pleasantness of peach in it. However, as previously stated, the flavor was strange at first, but with the second gulp, it became acceptable.

Though I appreciated the taste and the pleasant experience I received while sipping this drink, I also felt the responsibility and guilt that comes with drinking liquor, even though it was just 3%. I felt cheated, and in my eagerness to try new things, I was easily lured in by this lovely can. I just snickered at it because I had previously taken it and couldn’t believe how it could taste so good with a smidgeon of alcohol in it. However, I will not attempt it again.

At any rate, it is great to try and have a taste of it and I will recommend it to someone who wants to try a refreshment with a little liquor content in it. This item is truly refreshing and is fairly new to our tastebuds.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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