Rite ‘n Lite Peach And Root Beer Review

Sparkling water, soda, and other fizzy beverages are refreshing, invigorating, and ideal for midday consumption, especially if you’re indulging in a good meal or need to quench your thirst due to the sun’s longer day heat.

A carbonated drink is any beverage that has fizz and bubbles caused by dissolving carbon dioxide. With the exception of carbonated water, few beverages—including soda, tonic water, and even champagne—claim to be free of sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. So when I discovered Rite ‘n Lite drinks in a supermarket store, I added them to my cart right away.

Rite ‘n Lite is a locally created carbonated drink in a can that was revived last year. It has no sugar, carbs, or calories and makes use of Splenda in this Aspartame-free beverage, making each slurp a guilt-free delight, especially during the hot summer months when you need freezing cool drinks. They were manufactured by ARC, and in order to provide alternatives to the growing health-conscious beverage sector, ARC Refreshment Corporation needed to redesign Rite ‘n Lite’s brand identity and packaging.

It is an entirely trustworthy drink if you want to take the first step toward better choices while having fun, especially when we are conscious when it comes to the amount of carbs, sugar and calories we are taking. It is a flavored beverages done well. Rite ‘n Lite simply makes it easier to keep to our health objectives without feeling guilty. They also have various flavors such as Lemon, Lemon-Lime, Orange, Root Beer, Cucumber and Peach. They also have a limited edition carbonated drinks which are Lychee + Rose, Green Apple + Tea and Calamansi + Ginger + Honey.

I bought peach, root beer, calamansi + ginger + honey, green tea, and lemon and lime flavors. To be honest, I had no clue this was made in the Philippines, so I was startled when I looked into where these products were from. Truth be told, I used to like drinks. I used to feel like something was missing if I didn’t drink Coke with my meals. It became my equivalent of water during such times.

After some time, I recognized that it is not good for my health; if I do not restrict those, I may get diabetes or renal problems. So when I discovered this product, a sense of surprise sprang inside me since it offers a range of cool-fruity flavors that I am eager to explore and appreciate. I’m sipping the peach and root beer, as seen by the photos. The other types I bought and described earlier have already been consumed, and I forgot to photograph them, so they are not featured here. However, I can say that peach is my favorite flavor among those given. I tasted sweetness as well as a peach flavor in the liquid.

I didn’t realize I was about to finish the drink since it was so addicting. Despite my best efforts to refrain from drinking it every day, I recognized and told myself that it was preferable to other beverages since it included no sugar, calories, or carbs. It is, as they claimed, guilt-free. Despite their assurances, I can still taste the fizz. The movement of those carbonated bubbles from my lips to my throat is unsettling. It certainly quenched my thirst and cravings for soda, and the good news is that they are, as they claim, a healthy alternative.

I’m delighted to state that this product will always be on my shopping list. I will unquestionably suggest it to anyone who wants soda but is hesitant to drink it because of its high carbohydrate, calorie, and sugar content. This one is sure to quench your soda thirst.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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