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Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt Review

Probiotic yogurt can give various amazing medical advantages that work out in a good way past that of non-fermented milk. Probiotic yogurt is related with an assortment of digestive related medical advantages. Ordinary utilization of yogurt with live and dynamic cultures assist with treating anti-microbial related loose bowels by reestablishing balance in your gastrointestinal flora. These days, many stores are offering various assortments of yogurt drinks, very much like what we can get in Koomi.

A significant benefit of yogurt drinks is its reasonableness to drink up whenever of the day, no matter what the kind of exercises included. It very well may be consumed as an after-supper refreshment to assist with assimilation or it can be consumed toward the finish of the incredible preparation to support recuperation. Notwithstanding, this benefit counts for no good reason on the off chance that yogurt drinks are not stacked with fundamental nutrients and minerals that can assist with further developing general medical issue.

Koomi Natural Drinking Yogurt is another worldwide establishment that is causing huge interests in Metro Manila. You can see a great deal of Koomi branches growing all around the city, which is a demonstration of all the new yogurt consumers that are picking this better other option. Koomi started from Australia which allows everybody to appreciate natural drinking yogurt with different flavorful and new ingredients in every cup which is made new everyday with such countless flavors to browse into. It came to the Philippines in 2019 to let each Filipino experience guiltless pleasure that will presently exhibit this responsibility by going to the City of Manila.

Natural yogurt has this sharp sour- sweet taste. As a matter of fact, while ordering, they will ask the client’s inclination when it comes to preparation and taste, if Aussie blend or Filipino blend. I asked them what is the distinction between the two blends and they said that the Aussie blend is somewhat sour while the Filipino blend is sweet. So I picked the Aussie blend on my Koomi You’re The Berry Best. To that end I am happy that when I tasted the Koomi Signature Aussie Blend which is a mix of berries and yogurt. I can in any case taste the normal yogurt goodness since it simply intend that there are no additives and they are utilizing natural ingredients as it were.

It’s the first time for me to try and taste Koomi, so I took the risk to order my number one favorite strawberry- flavored yogurt. As a matter of fact, before my milk tea addictions, I love yogurts, may it be as a type of frozen yogurts or beverages, I will try to taste it, so when I saw this stall, I was unable to hold back my fervor. I selected Aussie Blend for my berry drink, and it didn’t dishearten me. I love its strong taste. The yogurt- based worked out in a good way for the thick and sweet strawberry bits. Koomi gives me the choice to take my cravings to yogurt into a highest level but at the same time meeting my expectations and my taste buds. It gives me the option to enjoy it while being healthy by consuming natural beverages than sweet one. I additionally feel that the cost of this drink is reasonable and worth the money since the flavor of this one is truly overall quite good and healthy. I really felt good and flabbergasted to try this natural drinking yogurt. I will definitely recommend this to everyone who are craving for cold drinks at the same time choosing to be healthy. Furthermore, I will attempt different flavors in the future.

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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