Course Hero Tutor Application Review

Have you tried to apply for any online or web-based jobs? Indeed, I did, and I can honestly state that it is vastly different from what I experienced in the medical industry. Early last year, I made the decision to look for a web-based career while continuing to work as a nurse since I intended to quit my former job.

I frequently watch video blogs to learn about legitimate organizations to apply to, which is how I learned about Course Hero. Since they are open to candidates who are willing to tutor those kids who are registered on their platform once you are successfully screened by their team, I need not fret if I am not a teacher or educator in this regard.

Course Hero, according to them, is an internet learning portal for course-specific review content. Course Hero, founded in 2006 by Andrew Grauer, is dedicated to assisting students in their preparation for graduation achievement. The platform supports students on their unique learning journey as they seek assistance and resources to better understand their material, prepare for examinations, learn, and remember. Students can purchase or submit their own resources to have access to a vast array of learning tools such as practice issues, focus on guides, course book arrangements, and subject-by-subject explanations.

As a Course Hero tutor, you can also earn extra money simply by responding to questions in their subject area. You can tutor online whenever you have a computer and an Internet connection. There is no need for audio or video. You just need to teach students how to study and succeed in their courses so that they may graduate confident and prepared.

How To Apply As A Tutor?

🌸Create your Course Hero tutor account.
🌸Provide basic info and select your tutoring subjects.
🌸Upload your ID and academic credentials.
🌸Get approved within 7 days and start tutoring.

What are the subjects do I need to tutor?

Depends on what we will choose during the application. While uploading your credentials, the platform will are your subject expertise.

How much can I earn in this platform?

Actual profit might differ relying upon number of inquiries addressed, subject classification, level of difficulty, answer quality, and other different elements.

With this blog, I will simply describe what I faced in Course Hero throughout my application and how I responded to it. It may be different for other applicants, but I feel some may be able to connect to what I experienced. Along similar lines, I’ve been applying to this site since August of last year. As I previously stated, I discovered this when watching video blogs on applying for jobs online. It was straightforward for me because I already knew which strategy would be the most effective. I successfully transferred or uploaded my credentials, a photograph of myself with my valid ID, and I also completed the examination in one of the subjects I have opted to coach, with a high mark. By the way, I’ve decided to tutor three subjects: biology, nursing, and psychology. They just required a Biology test, which I already mentioned I passed with an excellent score. After I completed all of the prerequisites, they told me to wait for an email informing me whether or not I had passed the application. So I waited, and I waited for months. Actually, I had forgotten about my application with them because I had not received any indication if I had passed their screening.

At that moment, my cousin and sister told me that they had also registered for the Course Hero and had received an invitation to the program three days later. They told me to follow up, so I was really motivated to do so and tried to write them an email about my previous application. I refrained from trying to reapply since, according to other vloggers, doing so might give them grounds to reject you. I waited for their response in this fashion, and after two days they gave me an email telling me to re-upload my credentials since the picture I submitted wasn’t clearly visible. So I uploaded it again and waited for quite some time. Around that time, I was genuinely overburdened. It was a mistake I made at the time since I thought my uploaded credentials were clear. However, I’m also irritated with them because they won’t tell applicants what they’re lacking because you won’t hear back from them about it. You’ll only wait impatiently without getting anything.

Then, on the 2nd day of May, I received an email from them stating that my application (with my name as the receiver) had been accepted and that I could begin tutoring. I was so excited to get started that I instantly checked my dashboard, but there was no page linking with my tutor access. I sat for a long time, but the same thing triggered my PC, which constantly displays “Access Denied,” so I sent a ticket to their Support Team requesting my access. To my surprise, at the same moment I sent an email, I received an email from them claiming that they would not process my application without providing any reason.

I grew upset and asked them about why they approved my tutoring access and then three hours later gave me an objection email. As a result, I discard my application and continue on with my life, having sent them my complaint. Then, on May 3, they sent me another email, saying that students were waiting for me and that I could now begin responding to their queries. I tried to access my dashboard again, hoping that they had already rectified it, but the same thing happened. It keeps saying “Access Denied.”

I’m both really disappointed and annoyed at the same time. Even if they are experiencing platform issues, it is not ideal for applicants to receive emails in this manner. I also checked to see if the sender was legitimate, and it turns out that it is. The emails I’ve been getting are actually from them. They kept sending me conflicting emails, which made me angry and dissatisfied with them, so I marked their emails as spam. And up to this point, they haven’t addressed my concerns.

Applicants like myself are waiting, hoping, and trusting the companies to which we applied, so when we receive an endorsement or acceptance, we are ecstatic. It can genuinely aid our conviction, but encountering anything like this is very vexatious and unprofessional in my opinion. They should not do this to applicants who have completed and passed the test and have extensive credentials. If they don’t need the applicant, they should notify him or her straight away. They should not continue to raise their expectations while simultaneously breaking them.

In any case, this is the core nature of my experience. I just need to pass it along to others looking for online employment in the hopes that they won’t run into the same problems I had on this site. Although my experience may not be the same as others’, I do admit that it was initially my fault for not uploading a clear photo of my credentials as they had previously stated (which I then re-uploaded). However, receiving both approval and dissatisfaction at the same time isn’t something I deserve. 

However, I read a variety of Course Hero reviews, both favorable and bad. What I have provided here is purely based on my own experiences, and I am confident that they will enhance their platform by focusing on students and tutors who will apply in the future. As of now, I will not suggest this site to individuals searching for work as an online tutor. It is preferable to experiment with platforms other than this one.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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    1. You’re welcome. I’m glad to help. Try other platforms like Chegg or Studypool. Though I haven’t tried to apply, but I have read good reviews on that 2 platforms. Better skip this one.


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