Pastagram Restaurant Review

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to seek refuge at the nearby restaurant. We have a variety of restaurants and cafes in our small town in Cavite, so you’ll be confused about which one to choose. For me, it is determined by my appetites. I’m also longing for some delicious pasta and some spicy wings right now. So we went to Pastagram, which has just what I’m craving.

Pastagram, located on Governor’s Drive in Naic, Cavite, provides both Italian and American food. However, as you can see, they just have a little room as a restaurant. You can sense the relaxed atmosphere that they have emitted. The lights were muted to provide an easy transition in one’s eyes after walking in the blazing beams of the sun. The restaurant can only accommodate 4-5 people in groups, so we chose a seat near the entrance. We ordered a full meal, which included onion rings as an appetizer, hot wings, carbonara pasta, and a pizza.

I’m trying to keep my eating habits under control, so I only ate a couple. The serving, on the other hand, astounded me because it is ideal for sharing. So, in terms of the preferences of the food supplied to us, they most certainly complimented one another. After being prepared with cheese and meat, the pizza has a crispy crust and a mouth-watering flavor that satisfies my tongue with its springy texture and numerous toppings. The carbonara is very creamy, yet a little bland. I didn’t detect the bacon flavor in it, so if you purchase carbonara from them, I recommend eating it with the pizza to alter or even balance the taste. Furthermore, because the dish is ideal for sharing and we bought excessively, we took away our extras, which is partially fantastic because, for me, the pricing on the menu is worth it for the food we got.

I will undoubtedly suggest this café to everyone who comes to our town. Despite the fact that they have a very small location, the meal is really wonderful for the price.

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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