Patio Buendia Farm Resort and Events Review

It’s summer, the one big reason behind why a considerable lot of us are eager to go on a mid-year trip to take a plunge in cold water to feel refreshed. My family and I decided to go for an overnight swim to release the heat brought by the heat of summer. Upon searching, we discovered Patio Buendia, situated close to Balite Falls in Brgy. Banay Amadeo, Cavite.

Patio Buendia, located in Amadeo, Cavite, is a farm-resort and event facility. The hotel is up to date with its compositional Zen Type Style, subterranean trading light in the pool, flawlessly organized surrounding regions, and deeply fashioned cottages, cavanas, gazebos, and cabin dwellings. The majority of clients who visit their location are completely satisfied with the relaxing and magnificent atmosphere it exudes, along with a few figures such as gorillas, monkeys, and dogs that may be utilized for photographing.

Their resort’s pricing are reasonable since they provide a pleasant ambiance as well as excellent service. The crew is keeping the resort clean, especially the pool area, because they have a schedule for cleaning the pool from 4pm–6pm and 6am–8am. They may thus promise their consumers a pristine dive. They are fantastic for summer leisure activity. Appropriate for parties, families, and couples, as well as organizational trip activities and group structures. There are lifeguards on duty to ensure everyone’s safety, and the area is ideal. These are not your typical houses. We treasured the view since it was so instagrammable.

Patio Buendia provides a variety of accommodations in a rural area with an unusual ambiance. They offer three rooms (Villa Avelina), cabanas (Cabana De Victoria/Cabana De Lucia), and an open gazebo (Tomas Abierto Gazebo) for day visits, all of which are located in outstanding environmental conditions and have an access pointing into the pool area. The facilities are ideal for individuals or groups looking to devote quality time and energy in farm life. Visitors will undoubtedly engage in the magnificence of an advanced farmhouse, residing to appreciate summer, with their relaxing and amazing amenities. They intend to make every customer’s lodging very reasonable at a fair price. Both of the rooms are well-kept and fully air-conditioned, with windows on all sides and discreet illumination for all essentials. It is furnished with a clean bed, mattress, and innovative embellishment, resulting in a very pleasant ambiance.

We thoroughly loved our time at Patio Buendia, particularly the Bali-like vibe. I highly suggest it to individuals who enjoy swimming and want to get away from the bustling streets and traffic lights. That is a wonderful finding. Despite the fact that they only have communal pools, you will not be concerned about their safety or cleanliness.

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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