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How To Take Care Of Sensitive Skin

Since before, I have this sensitive skin wherein my skin reacts immediately not only on what I apply on it but also on what surrounds me. I have searched a lot of articles about sensitive skin and how to handle it. Actually, there were times when my skin has a lot of bumps but were invisible in naked eyes. At first, I thought, maybe because of my hormones, but I realized that the reasons are too deep from that. And I know that there a lot of people like me having trouble with their skin, so I would like to share some simple tips that are still effective for me and may help others as well.

And these are my three tips that I want to share based on what I experienced and what I am continuously doing when it comes to gently handling my skin:

  • Limit the use of peeling products.
    • There were times when I used some rejuvenating products which effectively peeled my skin. Those products that I’ve used before were strong enough to cause irritations. So I immediately stopped using those. I know that we need to peel once or twice a year (that’s what my dermatologist told me before), but if you feel the need to rejuvenate or use a peeling product, make sure that you will choose a product with mild ingredients and do not use it every day because it can cause aggravation to sensitive skin.
  • Always use sunscreen or sun protection.
    • Many skincare enthusiasts explain the importance of sun protection products. Actually, its not important for me before because I felt that my skin can tolerate the harmful UV rays. So, it came to a point when all the skincare items that I have used did not help to minimize my bumps. The bumps became obvious and my colleagues were telling me that my face became so red and irritated and advised me to use a mild cream or even sunblock. So I decided to use a unblock. I added it up on my routine since I am also using a mild face cream before. I have noticed that- slowly, my skin became less irritated and the bumps slowly decreasing. I was really amazed at that time. I realized that my skin only needs protection.
  • Utilizing my hands instead of cotton balls or pads.
    • I discovered that if you have a sensitive skin, it is better to your clean hands than utilize cotton pads because they said that it can cause disturbance on our skin. So I followed their advised and I noticed that my skin absorbs more of the product’s content which results to its effectiveness.

Those are my simple tips to prevent the occurrence of any untoward disturbances on my face. But always remember that we could have our own skin health management routine arranged, yet in the event that we don’t have an idea about different things happening in our life, it can wreck devastation on our skin as well! It’s presently no mysterious that tension, stress, horrible eating routine or absence of rest can make our skin become more responsive and hidden circumstances can erupt. So let us ensure that we enjoy significant reprieves for ourselves, eating and resting soundly, and encircle ourselves with individuals and things that give us pleasure rather than stress.

Do you also have your own tips when it comes to managing sensitive skin? Please share yours by commenting down below.

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