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Timalandia Restaurant Review

Due to the epidemic, I was unable to go out on a regular basis and find other eateries or restaurants that some of us were unfamiliar with. I enjoy dining as much as I enjoy reading and using beauty products, so trying new places is always an interesting experience for me.

Timalandia is located near Timalan Concepcion, on the Antero Soriano Highway, and is visible from the bustling streets of Tanza. It is an outdoor restaurant with a rustic atmosphere. The restaurant serves both dine-in and take-out customers. Tapsihan and other Filipino dishes are available. Milk teas and other beverages are also available. I wasn’t able to photograph their menu, but I was able to get it from their Facebook page.

I have seen this place before, but I was unable to sample its cuisine. When it came to the restaurant’s location, I admired and like the mood it provided. Because the tables were separated from one other, I felt protected during the pandemic. I can also breathe fresh air, however I prefer to eat in the afternoon because it may be extremely hot in the day and unpleasant to eat under the heat of the sun.

We ordered Tapsilog and Tokwa’t Baboy for our meals. When it comes to the flavor of the dish, I am quite satisfied. Even though both of the items I purchased are simple to cook and serve, I found them to be tasty and gratifying. I also placed an order for chocolate milk tea. Even though I just tried Milo and Pearl, I liked it because it wasn’t overly sweet. The pricing of the items are reasonable given the quality of the cuisine and the kind treatment we received from the restaurant’s employees.

I will definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone who’s craving for “Silog” meals. I will surely comeback and order other foods from their menu.. ☺️☺️

My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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