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How To Earn Extra Money Using Cash’Em All?

There are several money-making apps available that appear to be too wonderful to be true. Yes, I was a victim of this previously, and as a result, I became extremely cautious. When it comes to stuff like this, I need to conduct a lot of research first, then see the proof, and then test it for myself.

I have tried Bling games before and I have reviewed it here in my blog. And while playing those apps, I have encountered alot of ads and Cash’Em All is one of those. I became curious about that game so immediately, I researched it on playstore and internet.

Cash’em All is a completely free app, offering an opportunity to earn real money by playing free games on mobile phone. It is a Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that will pay you for simply downloading, installing and playing games.

How To Earn In Cash’em All?

1. Play The Game They Will Feature

First and foremost, we must download the games that will be included on their app. When we start the app, we will see that the available games for download are listed in the “Featured” section at the bottom of the app. Each game will inform us how many coins we may earn and how long we must play for to get those coins.

When we see the game we want to play in their featured link, we must click the Play button, which will take us to the game’s Android app website. You must download the game and ensure that you access it from Cash’em, which is found in the My Apps area, in order to win the coins. We can also view the games we downloaded, as well as the money and seconds required to gain them, from there.

Remember that if we launch the games immediately from our menu, Cash’em All will not be able to track it, therefore the seconds we play the game will not be tracked or earned. The coins we earn will be applied to our Cash ’em All account balance once we begin the game. We need to reload the app to see the most recent coins we earned while playing.

2. Referral Program

Another way to earn is to invite people to download and use the app by sharing the code or simply by clicking on it in their app. They will become our referral if they sign up as a member using our code, and we will get 250 coins. Aside from that, we will receive 25% of whatever our referrals make via the app. So, for every coin earned by our referral, we will receive 25% of it. The good news is that our referrals will also receive 25% of anything we make via the application. As a result, this recommendation scheme benefits both parties.

Let us earn 25% together, by clicking this referral link.

How Do We Get Paid?

We’ll earn a set number of coins for every second we play a featured game in the app, which will be applied to our Cash’em All account balance. The earned points can be turned into various Cash’em All rewards. We may convert it to cash through PayPal, and the currency we choose will be determined by where we reside.

In my dashboard, the minimum payout is $0.3 then the maximum is $12. We can choose from those specific amounts once we reach the required coins.

Before the first payout, they need to verify that we are not a robot or an automated system, so they will require you to take a face selfie before they will process the transactions that we’re requesting.

This review is based on my own use of the application. I was truly nervous when I downloaded the program. I’m paranoid, so I downloaded it on my old phone, where I don’t save essential info. So I got it and joined up with my Google account. Anyway, fellas, you may sign up with your Google or Facebook account.

I quickly gained 2699 points after signing up. What a fantastic way to begin the app since when I reach 2999 points, I can quickly convert them to $0.3, thus I suppose the 2699 points are just a welcome present for joining up on their app, which I really loved. The highlighted game was the first item that came on my screen. It was Township at the time, and the coins I won from playing it were really high, prompting me to gain more coins right away. I went to hit payout after earning 2999 coins, and they instantly requested for a photo of my face. And because I’m paranoid, I was hesitant and looked into why they needed it. According to them, the photo would not be saved; they merely wanted it to verify that I am not an automated system or machine, so I snapped my selfie and they completed my request. I attempted to play a little longer in order to gain more money and advance to the following level.

The next day, I noticed that the $1.5 had already been credited to my Paypal account. I was astonished since I earned the amount just by playing the games they advertised, and to be fair, the majority of the games they featured are the types of games I actually love playing, so along from earning, I also had fun playing them.

Since several reviews I read said that they were not accepted or that they suffered system failure every time they wanted to payout, I have so far requested three transactions, and all of them have been approved. Before I forget, this software is only accessible on Android mobile devices. I tried to get it on an iPhone belonging to one of my friends, but the Appstore did not have it.

This Cash’em All is completely legitimate in my opinion. It sent the money that I requested and earned. Making it as an alternate means of generating money is not enough to make it a source of income. Only a little additional cash will suffice. And if you enjoy playing mobile games, this is an excellent app since you can win coins every second and minute you play the games they feature. I had a great time playing the games, so the money is a good complement. If you have high expectations when it comes to making money, this is not the app for you because it will not pay you a large sum, simply a bonus from the enjoyment you will have while playing the games that they will feature.

In this application, I was only little uneasy since they requested for a photo, but other from that, it is a nice experience, especially if you want to earn additional money just by playing the game. I recommend it to everyone who like playing mobile games. ☺️

Let us earn 25% together, by clicking this referral link.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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