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Kaldi 850 Coffee Shop Barwa City Review

We made the decision to travel to Barwa City to see some of our friends. I haven’t gone back to Barwa in a long time. Actually, this is my second visit, and the accommodation buildings all look the same, so if this is your first visit, you will be puzzled, as I was. Our main goal is to travel to Funville, but first we decided to get some refreshments because it was so hot and we were craving an icy drink.

We visited Kaldi 850 Coffee Shop. I couldn’t take a photo of the stated store since I was too preoccupied with what I was going to purchase, so the only photos I took were of the cake and beverages that we ordered.

Kaldi, like other coffee shops, serves hot and cold drinks, as well as cakes, pastries, and pasta. I wanted to have spaghetti at the moment, but they told we were going to another place and should simply get beverages. When I looked at the menu, I had second thoughts about what to get because they had new refreshments, so I spent a minute or two simply deciding. Here are some of the new cocktails available in their shop:

After much contemplation, I opted to choose Lotus Biscoff Ice Blended and a slice of mango mousse cake. It was the first time I had tried either product, so I was quite excited to know what it tasted like.

The mango mousse cake was very appealing. I was drawn to how they made the cake, so when I saw this, I was tempted to buy it. The cake was tasty, although it was a little too sugary for my tastes. It would be preferable if the mango flavor was the predominant flavor, but I did not notice the mango flavor and instead  the sweetness of the cake. I couldn’t finish it since I had started to restrain myself from eating too many sweets, and I was afraid that this one would go overboard, so I stopped eating it after four bites.

I ordered a lotus biscoff ice blended drink. I utilized an urbanpoint promotion, buy one beverage, get one free, and we saved half the price. The deals at urbanpoint are fantastic, especially if you have someone with you, because you will save half the price on not just food but also services.

Anyway, the lotus biscoff ice blended was delicious. It wasn’t overly sweet, but somehow the flavor was addictive. It wasn’t enough for me. I only purchased the small size, so next time I’ll get the bigger size. I could actually taste the biscoff. It was fantastic. I’m not a big lover of salty meals, but the combination of salty and sweet was delicious. The sweetness was manageable; you won’t be overwhelmed by it, as I was when eating the cake.

The Kaldi 850 coffee shop is not particularly large, but the staff is friendly. We received our orders quickly. I plan to try additional beverages that they propose the next time I visit Barwa. I wholeheartedly suggest it to everyone.☺️

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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