Nourabelle by Mona Safa Chocolates Review

This blog article is a little different from my usual postings since I wanted to show my thanks to the person who gave me this, as well as provide a review of this chocolate.

Nourabelle was a name I was unfamiliar with. Here in Qatar, I am familiar with Patchi and Larisa, but this is my first encounter with Nourabelle. The fact that this chocolate shop is located in The Pearl Qatar, which I discovered when I conducted an online search for the store, made me understand how pricey this chocolate may be.

I did some research on this shop and learned a little bit about it. It was founded in Lebanon, and Ms. Mona Safa is the proprietor. They provide a variety of chocolates, and despite their high price, they can undoubtedly attest to the fact that the chocolates are delicious. To be quite honest, I did not purchase this chocolate and will not consider doing so given the amount. They are quite pricey, and like Patchi, Larissa, and the other chocolate shops around here, their costs vary according on the size of the customer’s order. I’m just grateful that one of my patients gave me a box of these as a token of appreciation for the nursing services I provided to her.

As you can see, the chocolate was properly prepared. It was absolutely beautiful. Because I like the style and simplicity of the gift and was really affected by it, I had second thoughts about taking it out of the box. I didn’t anticipate her to offer me anything because I haven’t seen her in days and a simple thank you would be more than enough for me. However, I was sincerely touched by the gesture because I believe that providing excellent care is one of our responsibilities as nurses.

I still haven’t opened the glass with the floral pattern inside since it has a nice arrangement and I don’t want to mess with it, so I’m not sure if it contains a lucky stone or chocolates. The chocolates’ flavor was fantastic. Unlike other items, it wasn’t as sweet. I just tried one piece since I’m trying to lose weight, but I had to restrain myself from taking more because it was so delicious. Even though I used to love chocolates a lot before making the decision to lose weight and change my diet, I’m still really grateful that someone thought of me and sent this to me because they felt I’d enjoy it.

Just a little note of gratitude from the bottom of my heart to my patient. You are who you are, and I sincerely appreciate this wonderful gesture.😘😘

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