Hilton Doha The Pearl Hotel & Residences Review

This hotel, Hilton Doha, is situated at The Pearl’s main entrance. The Porto Arabia and Medina Centrale neighborhoods are 5 minutes apart. The Museum of Islamic Art and the winding streets of Souq Waqif are both within 20 minutes’ drive of the Katara Cultural Village, which is 3 kilometers distant. Their hotel has a kids’ club, an outdoor pool, and an eforea spa. They have a laundry area in addition to a kitchenette or complete kitchen in each of their rooms.

According to Hilton, their amenities are as follows:

The hotel has a 309 guest rooms and suites, all with sweeping views of the Persian Gulf and Doha’s impressive skyline. You can also upgrade to a deluxe room for extra living space or choose a suite or executive room for a private balcony and to have an access to the Executive Lounge. They also have a range of facilities, including Eforea Spa, swimming pool and the private beach.

We chose to have another staycation at one of the renowned hotels in Doha, which is located in The Pearl, as it is my friend’s daughter’s birthday and hotels have started allowing children to swim in their outdoor swimming pools. We booked early and purchased new swimsuits since we are so delighted because it is in a well-known area of Doha.

When I initially entered their lobby, I was struck by the somber atmosphere, which contrasted sharply with their website. It is very tiny, and the carpets they used upset me since they looked like dirt smudges. Not a great design, especially when the hotel has a gloomy atmosphere as this one. They didn’t check the companions’ ID, which I’m not sure will work in their favor or against them.

This is what we witnessed after walking through the front entrance of our booked room. The kitchen is the first thing you’ll notice. They have an entire set of cutlery. Though the hall is not as large and light as Aleph’s, I loved their TV channel listings since, for the first time, we can watch movies because they offer channels with English movies. They also had a balcony, which we did not use because it was so hot and humid outdoors, but the view was stunning.

They also have their own washing room, which was quite convenient because we didn’t have to carry too many clothing for our stay. They also have three toilets, one of which is a shared toilet and the other two are housed within the two rooms. Unlike in Aleph, this room we were in had only one bathtub. Still, we need to request additional toiletries.

Their bedrooms are huge, and I really liked the master suite, which has its own balcony. Each room has its own television and facilities. They have been well cleaned, and the bed cushions are plush and pleasant.

As I previously stated, we came here for the swimming pool, but we were unable to utilize it since the pool’s hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the management. We were taken aback. Anyway, it was our mistake as well because we did not double-check the schedules, but this is Doha, and the 9am-6pm hours are insanely hot. The temperature has risen to 46 degrees. I’m not sure why they wrote it that way, but who would swim in that temperature? Even if you wear an excellent sunscreen, you will get sunburn. We were dissatisfied, so we returned to our hotel room and decided to sing karaoke. We attempted to forget our disappointments while singing our heart out.

We wanted to utilize the spa while we were dining, so we contacted reception and asked if we could. But, once again, they disappointed us by stating that only one of us could enjoy a massage because they only had one masseuse. So we hesitated since only one of us could get it. They should have enough employees, especially if it is a famous hotel and throughout the week. We expressed our dissatisfaction to the receptionist, and as a result, they brought us a pitcher of drink, some chocolate, and some fruits with unpeeled pineapple. We appreciated the gesture and proceeded.

We didn’t get our free breakfast the next day. We awoke around 10 a.m. and inquired about breakfast. They informed us that breakfast had already ended and that we should go to their restaurant. We informed them we were unaware since we assumed they would deliver it to our room like other hotels, but they stated they couldn’t provide us breakfast because the time had passed. No one even phoned to see if we wanted to come down for breakfast unlike other restaurants who will call their guests and will ask if they will take their breakfast.  It was just dreadful. The receptionist also informed us that our pool time had been extended until 3pm, but who will use the pool when the temperature is 40 degrees?

Anyway, our stay at the Hilton The Pearl was really unsatisfactory.  We assumed that because they were a 5-star hotel, they would provide excellent service, but they proved us incorrect. I will not suggest it to anyone, particularly vacationers, because it will only disappoint them. They should enhance their services. I will most absolutely not return. It is not worth the money given the high cost of their hotel stay.😔

My Overall Rating

Rating: 0.5 out of 5.

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