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Darkness and Grace by Kathryn Schleich Book Review

Love isn’t always easy. It takes work.”

Excerpt From
Darkness and Grace
by Kathryn Schleich
Synopsis from Goodreads

Even the strongest of families aren’t immune to malice, betrayal, and deceit. Supportive, loving, and affluent, the Pierson family is delighted to celebrate the marriage of sensitive middle son Paul Pierson and his wife, Pamela. Everyone rejoices that Paul has finally recovered from the tragic loss of his beloved first wife and looks forward to Paul and Pamela’s new life together. But just as family members are celebrating his happiness, they start noticing that his beautiful bride may not be what she seems.

As the strain between siblings and spouses worsens, the Piersons discover that neither their money nor their considerable influence can keep the family safe from one woman’s malicious intent. When the true nature of this family member is revealed, each of the Piersons is confronted with the quandary of human conduct and moral responsibility.

Darkness and Grace is a compelling story of the classic struggle between good and evil, as well as the violent undercurrent running beneath the illusory serenity of a close-knit Midwestern family.

Before anything else, I want to express my gratitude to Ms. Melissa, Ms. Kelsey, and the book publicist for providing me with a copy and the opportunity to evaluate this book. At the same time, I felt really honored and thrilled. So that I could write my review, I made an effort to complete the book as quickly as I could. And I want to openly express my opinions regarding this book.

I wasn’t familiar with the author, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the book. I really loved reading and finding new writers’ works. I really like how they designed the cover for this book. It felt like I was reading a young adult novel. It was breathtaking. If I encounter this one at a bookshop, it will undoubtedly capture my interest and I will most likely purchase it.

According to what I’ve read, they indicated in their email about this book that it’s a domestic thriller based on actual events. To be honest, reading thriller novels usually raises my expectations. I was expecting some unexpected twists and turns with this one. So I started it right away.

The prologue was fantastic. It began to delight me, leading me to believe that it is indeed a thriller book. I continued reading it after that and finished it in 1 and a half days. In all honesty, Pamela was the main reason I became annoyed. I was first annoyed by the way their family interjected in the newlyweds’ affairs, but that is just how they are. Just that I could understand Pamela on that point; perhaps she felt suffocated, but that isn’t a good enough excuse to behave in that way, especially if her husband and his family treated her like one of their own. She’s a monster in my eyes. She irritates me . She humiliated the Pierson family as a result of the things she did, in addition to suffering them in order to get what she desired. For a normal person, her sinful behavior and numerous attempts to get away with them were intolerable. Although I didn’t find the story to be a thriller, I found it to be more of a family drama, which is not unheard of but is still pretty annoying and chaotic. The plot was totally upsetting.

Even though I read the novel quickly, I found it difficult to read because I found myself getting quite frustrated, which made me want to skip several passages, but I made an effort to finish it. I admired and adored how their family supports one another because I believe Paul will be crushed if his family is not loving, supportive, and caring. They are fortunate to have one another. It takes bravery to discuss and publish a tale like this, which actually occurred to the author, therefore I also wanted to praise the author for that.

Although I am really grateful for the opportunity to read this book, I just feel that I am not the right reader for it. Despite this, I still wanted to suggest it to anyone who enjoy reading stories about real-life family dramas. 😊

My Overall Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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