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A Simple Way To Get Rid Of “Maskne”

Our lives have been negatively impacted by this pandemic, and the way it has affected our skin is still quite concerning. Although some of us are dealing with various skin issues, this epidemic has given us a new one termed “maskne.”

Maskne, also known as mask acne, is a pimple, bump, or breakout that appears after using a cloth face mask. Yes, this is a genuine problem, but I am not encouraging you to stop using face masks since they are an important tool in protecting ourselves and people around us from the spread of COVID-19, but I am here to discuss with you how to battle maskne in a very effective manner.

According to a dermatologist, mechanical friction is the major cause of mask acne, which is common among people who wear a lot of gear on their faces. While face masks are not as heavy or bulky as sports equipment, they still allow for some friction when they press against our skin. It can also increase humidity, which can irritate our skin even more.

I’ve successfully developed my maskne-fighting routine, and it’s really simple. I still get a couple of breakouts every now and then, but I’ve noticed a major difference in my skin after routinely following this simple trick: the easiest ways you can treat maskne is by washing your face and moisturizing.

I know it seems basic, but many individuals neglect this step. Some people do not wash their faces on a regular basis. They’ll only spray water on their faces, oblivious to the fact that their faces require a little more. Always continue with a mild moisturizer since not hydrating our faces may be just as detrimental as not washing them at all.

Though it appears to be easy, the impact is absolutely astonishing. Let us not forget to wash our faces and apply moisturizer after using a mask since it will always provide us healthy and refreshed skin.😊

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