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Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule Review

My skin isn’t flawless. I, too, am battling spots left over from my earlier acne. Most of my imperfections used to really distress me. I felt worse about myself and had reduced self-esteem every time I glanced in the mirror. In my adolescence, it was quite gloomy. Thanks to the miracles of technology and the popularity of Korean skincare products, I am finally content. My skin clearly changed significantly as a result.

Finding a lot of skincare products is one of my hobbies, and during my highs and lows, I tried each of those things in the hopes that I would be able to experience their promises. I’ve just lately got the chance to utilize Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule, which I first learned about three months ago.

I’m not aware with the Enough Co. brand, but they claim to offer trustworthy items based on their in-depth expertise as cosmetics experts.

They take great care and pride in the production of all of their authentic items. They are a multinational corporation that produces everyday cosmetics items and strives to improve consumer confidence by offering reliable products.

In Enough Secret Blemish All Care Ampoule, they infused it with AlgoWhite (Ascophyllum Nodosum extract) that makes blotched skin even in tone, which is effective for skin tone care while Asiatic pennywort extract that helps to protect the skin.


🌸Prevents the formation of future dark spots and acne marks

How To Use

At the next step of skin toner after washing, take a proper amount and apply it to the skin evenly for absorption.

Because of the packaging, this product seems similar to one I’ve used before from It’s Skin. Even though I’m not very acquainted with the brand, I really adore anything having to do with Korean skincare, so I’m excited to test this product in the same manner I’ve tried any other product previously.

I searched for this product several times while using it, but I haven’t found adequate reviews or information about it. I couldn’t discover the ingredients either, so I have no idea how this product is made. As a result, I’m taking a chance by using it because it might result in an allergic response or possibly a skin breakout my face.

Anyway, I tried putting it to my wrist before using it on my face, and I can honestly state that it didn’t produce any negative reactions or even a tiny bit of discomfort there. I thus applied a lot on my face after washing and toning it. It seemed thick at first, but as I glided my fingers over it, I realized it was quickly absorbed and dried. I’m hoping that this one would speed up the drying process for the zit on my chin.

After using it for a week, I saw that my zit had dried up. I noticed that my skin was cleaner and more comfortable to the touch. Even if my acne scars are still there, the fact that my pimple healed and my face did not experience any negative side effects is what matters most to me. I also enjoy the product’s light scent.

Even if I don’t know much about the brand, I’ll still buy it again, especially if I need help with my acne. I also wanted to suggest this item to others with problematic skin. It could assist you in reducing the visibility of acne scars and pimples that you really wish to get rid of.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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