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Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser Review

Cleansers are an essential part of any skincare regimen. Before applying our precious routine, we must ensure that our skin is clean so that anything we apply will not aggravate it. I’ve tried a variety of cleansers and, so far, foam cleansers are my favorite.

Ipsy introduced me to the Vitabrid C12 Daily-C Balancing Foam Cleanser. This product, according to Vitabrid, is made using a potent unique combination of Vitabrid CG® (stabilized vitamin C). This daily face cleanser uses water to activate and remove contaminants and dead skin cells gently without drying out the skin. It contains Madecassoside, which aids in calming and bolstering weakened, irritated skin.


🌸Deep cleansing and gentle exfoliation with moisturization
🌸Skin antioxidant
🌸pH Balancing (pH5.5)
🌸Strengthening skin barrier

How To Use

🌸Squeeze a generous amount and add water.
🌸Work into a rich lather.
🌸Massage with circular motions.
🌸Rinse thoroughly.


✔️Vitabrid CG (active and stable vitamin C): removes dead skin cells, brightens the skin, improves elasticity, and helps to improve skin condition.
✔️Madecassoside: strengthens the skin barrier, soothes, and helps provide collagen synthesis.
✔️Carydendron orincense seed oil (kahai oil): natural antioxidant enriched with protein, minerals, and vitamin F along with retinol.
✔️Kaolin (white clay): helps cleanse and absorb impurities from the surface of the skin.
✔️Carica papaya fruit extract: natural exfoliant that also moisturizes.
✔️Caulerpa lentillifera extract: detoxifies and purifies the pores.
✔️Nelumbo nucifera flower extract: purifies and soothes compromised and irritated skin.
✔️Mesembryanthemum crystallinum extract: repairs and moisturizes the skin.

I initially believed that this product was created in the US, but after looking at the tube and reading the back, I realized that it was really made in Korea. Even though I like Korean products, I am not familiar with all of their brands, thus it’s good that I came on this one. I am very grateful that it came in my IPSY bag since I opted to use it right away as I had already used all my face wash.

This product, like any other I’ve purchased, was perfectly sealed and wrapped. I liked how clean the packaging was. While smoothing this product on my face, I observed that it was not very foamy, giving me the impression that I had not used enough, so I washed again, but the result was the same. While applying it to my face, I noticed a strong lemony scent, which convinced me of how acidic this facial cleanser is. Considering the reports, I put up with the overpowering stench since I thought this product would actually work.

After using it for two weeks, I saw a clearer improvement in my skin. It became more obvious why my skin seemed brighter. Even while I continued to dislike the fragrance, I did find that it significantly reduced my oiliness. My skin wasn’t irritated by it. The skin is left soft and the face is thoroughly cleaned without being stripped of its natural oils. Anyone with any type of skin should be able to use this without risk. I am now in love with this product and have added it to my favorites.

This one works really well on inflamed and problematic skin and is quite effective. Without a doubt, I’ll buy this. Just don’t mind the scent.🙂

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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