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The Second Life Of Amy Archer by R.S. Pateman

Best way to get over losing someone is other people. The right people. Not to take their place, but to remind you what living feels like.”

Excerpt From
The Second Life of Amy Archer
by R. S. Pateman
Synopsis From Goodreads:

On 31st December 1999, ten-year-old Amy Archer went missing from her local playground. Her body was never found and the lives of her parents, Beth and Brian, were torn apart.

On the tenth anniversary of the disappearance, Beth is alone, still struggling with the enormity of her grief and the horror of not knowing the fate of her only child. But the fear and confusion have only just begun, and Beth’s world is turned upside down when a stranger knocks on her door, claiming to know what happened to Amy.

Beth is introduced to a little girl who is the uncanny double of her missing daughter, who knows things that only Amy would remember; the name of her favourite toy, the place where she scratched her initials, what Beth likes for breakfast. But this can’t be Amy, she hasn’t aged a day…

Now Beth is forced to question everything she has ever believed in, and push her faith and her sanity to the limits, if she is to find out the truth about what happened to Amy.

Actually, I don’t remember exactly how long ago I added this book to my iBook. I frequently forget to read it, but the last time I browsed through my whole library, I came across this book. I started to read this before my forgetfulness struck my thoughts once more, despite the fact that I was unfamiliar with the author.

I have high hopes for this book because I read on Google that if you liked Gone Girl, you should add it to your list. Since I loved that book so much, I felt compelled to read this one as well.

I became engrossed in the story’s flow as soon as the first chapter began, especially when the author discussed reincarnation. I had never read about it before, but it was incredibly fascinating. There were times when I felt anxious while reading this, but the author will leave you hanging while the plot progresses, leaving you wanting more. I had a lot of great scenarios in my thoughts that would enhance the plot. I felt impatient with it and skipped a lot of the chapters in an effort to get the gist of the tale, which the author failed to convey.

The novel is a nice premise but required a bit more effort to thrive. I had a difficult time connecting with the main character, Beth. She was uneasy, and her behaviors were forced and manufactured. Her anxiety and indecision frustrated me as the novel progressed. She appeared to alter her opinion about the premonition or if her young child had been reincarnated every few paragraphs. Her scenes eventually became a little too loud, I got headaches.

There is nothing I detest more than an uncertain finale, and the conclusion was very sudden. After putting in the time and effort to read a book, I anticipate a fully developed, satisfying conclusion! Although the author may believe that the reader would be left with profound, lingering ideas, all it makes me think of is a lazy author who gave up on concluding the piece adequately. I also had the strong impression that the author can’t also imagine how to suitably end his narrative.

Because it was so disappointing, I can’t suggest it to other book lovers out there. 😊

My Overall Rating

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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