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How To Perfectly Do Your Eyebrows?

Makeup will be a lot less if shaping eyebrows are not included. Yes, it is. It is true that it will really make a difference on how we look if our brows are perfectly shaped. The right shaped brow can amazingly transform our face. According to Joey Healy, a celebrity brow expert and founder of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio, shaping of eyebrows can open our eyes, can lift out cheekbones and can narrow a nose.

And since we all know how eyebrows make an impact to our appearance, here are the quick tips on how we can perfectly set our brows without needing to go out on our comfort zone:

Tip #1: Define the natural shape of your brow in a well-lit room.

In order to properly define your eyebrow, you need enough light so you can see what you’re doing. I know this part seems obvious and no need to elaborate but really, it’s worth pointing out. Even if you can do well in the dark when it cones to doing your makeup, believe me when I say that you need to get as much light as possible when it comes to your brows. This will make it easier to see all the fine hairs and random stragglers before you start any eyebrow shaping.

Tip #2: Get all the brow products you need.

Before starting anything, make sure you have enough and proper brow tools. This includes eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, brow scissors, a tweezer, concealer, and a flat brush. You can’t create a great eyebrow if you don’t have the right tools. You can clearly imagine that you’re setting yourself up for failure before you even start doing your brows.

Tip #3: Outline what you are working with.

After brushing the brows, we can easily know the appropriate starting point based on the shape of the face. After identifying, mark it with your eyebrow pencil. The length of the eyebrow should be length of the eye. It is best to use powder or an eyebrow pencil in outlining the brows. The starting point plays a crucial role in defining the rest of your features. According to Healy, if your brows are too far apart, your nose will look wider, and if they start to merge together like a unibrow, the bridge of your nose can look too narrow and pinched so to avoid these common mistakes, use the bridge of your nose to determine where the brow should begin.

Tip #4: Determine where the brow should end.

Hold the eyebrow pencil or brush in an angle measuring from the outside of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. While the starting point impacts how wide or narrow your nose looks, the end point can change the shape of your eyes. According to Healy, if the eyebrow is too long it’ll make the eye droopy, and if it’s too short it’ll make the eye puffy.

Tip #5: Pinpoint your arch

Pointing your arch can give your features a natural lift. It can completely change the shape of the face and can give an instant eye lift.

Tip #6: Fill in your brow

By connecting the starting, arch and end point, fill in the brow using eyebrow pencil or brow powder. Healy stressed the importance of filling in your brow to create the illusion of ideal growth which serves as an outline.

Having a perfect brow is what everyone wants. But always remember that its not about what other celebrities or idols do on their eyebrows that matter but it’s all about creating the perfect eyebrow based on your face shape, so relax, familiarize yourself on your eyebrows and make it work.

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