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The Face Shop Ampoule Sleep Mask Review

As an user of beauty products, you can be perplexed about which facial masks to use and how to apply them all because there are so many different types available. When you notice the ingredients in that facial mask and the advantages it would provide for your skin, you’ll be compelled to check it out right away because the colors truly make it appealing.

Since I already have many face masks in my drawer and have been eyeing The Face Shop’s Ampoule Sleep Mask for a while, I restrained myself from purchasing it. Then, after repeatedly walking past the shop, I made the decision to finally buy it. This is going to be my first time using a sleeping mask, so I have high expectations, especially because it is from a Korean company.

The Face Shop claims that the hyaluronic acid and seaweed extract in this sleeping mask repair the skin’s moisture barrier while the skin is asleep. We already know what hyaluronic acid can do for our skin, so let’s look at what the seaweed extract can do for our faces.

According to study, seaweed extract helps to soothe, soften, and lessen irritation since it is loaded with all of our skin’s favorite vitamins and minerals. Seaweed defends against irritation by maintaining and restoring the natural balance of your skin since its cells are remarkably similar to skin cells.



How To Use

🌸Include the Baby Face Sleep Mask in your night time routine, after using a moisturizer
🌸Leave overnight and wash off in the morning

Okay, so I recently purchased this adorable pink ampoule sleep mask from The Face Shop, and since this is the first time I’ve tried using something similar, I have really high expectations. The salesperson I spoke with claims that this product would give you baby skin as soon as you wake up the next morning. When I heard that, I snatched up my wallet and made the decision to buy this one.

As directed, I used it as the final step in my skincare routine, and the next day, I promptly washed it with warm water. The first time I used it, I didn’t see any difference in my skin, so I reasoned that maybe if I used it three times a week, the improvement would be noticeable.

As you can see, the sleeping mask had a viscosity that was a little bit thick, similar to certain foam cleansers, but as you put it on the skin, it was quickly absorbed and did not leave a sticky impression. The scent of this mask was also pleasant to me because it wasn’t overpowering. After using the product for a month, I saw that my skin had softened but had not brightened as the product had promised.

I’m a little disappointed because I expected it to make my skin glow. But it didn’t work. I read several reviews that said it was successful with long-term usage, but I didn’t see any improvement in my skin. I liked how it smoothed my skin and didn’t irritate it, but other than that, it didn’t match my expectations or achieve what I wanted for my skin.

Though it slightly disappointed me, I will still suggest this product to people looking for a light sleeping mask.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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