Wish List

Wish List 1: Amber & Clay by Laura Amy Schlitz

This book, in fact, belongs to the children’s book category. I don’t know why, but I was captivated by its cover, and as a book enthusiast, I truly did not mind reading new genres as long as it was decent. Therefore I think this one would be fantastic, so I really want to add it to my list.

———The amber in this book is Melisto, a girl born in fifth-century B.C. Athens to a rich father who adores her and a mother who does not. Rhaskos is a Thracian boy whose mother is enslaved and hence himself is enslaved.

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I enjoy reading about mythologies, and this book had the same influence on me as previous mythology books. The enslavement is present, as are the individuals’ opposites, which I will undoubtedly love reading.

—— Despite the fact that they live in completely different worlds and have never met, Melisto and Rhaskos are soon connected in ways they are unaware of: Rhaskos’ mother has been sold to Melisto’s family and has become her caregiver. Both children have no control over their futures. Rhaskos is an enslaved person. Melisto was chosen since she is young and feminine. Melisto is chosen to leave home and follow the goddess Artemis; Rhaskos is sold to a potter in Athens without notice after his owner, Menon, becomes tired of him. Melisto gets clumps of her hair ripped off and is forced down a flight of steps by her mother; Rhaskos has his nose smashed twice by Menon.

I became completely engrossed in the premise of this book as I read it since it seemed like the narrative would have a significant influence on slavery and abuse. I’m not sure why it fits in a children’s book because, in my opinion, it deals with abuse and shouldn’t be read by kids. In any case, I can already envision the story’s powerful future characters. I’m confident that it will be unique compared to previous stories.

I have to purchase this book, and once I read it, I’ll surely give it a review. I can’t wait to see prehistoric Athens and embark on an adventure with Melisto and Rhaskos.

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