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I Remember, Daddy by Katie Matthews Book Review

The trouble was, though, that once the floodgates had opened, there was no way of controlling the flow of memories that were being released.”

Excerpt From:
I Remember, Daddy
by: Matthews, Katie

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Katie had dreams and blurred memories of her childhood. All she can remember was her father’s physical abuse, anger and violence. She had forgotten alot of her memories when she was a child. After the birth of her son, the forgotten memories has been unlocked.

There were many incidents of violence and cruelty that Katie had never forgotten. However, when she started her family, she developed postnatal depression and seeked help to a psychiatrist to cope from what she’s suffering. She recalled all her memories involving the sexual abuse of her father since she was 3. Hence, after that incident, she became different and aloof to all the people around her.

After finishing the book, I was in awe. I find it quite difficult to understand that a father could do such a terrible thing. This book is quite sensitive, therefore it is best to avoid reading it if you are not at ease with the subject matter. Actually, it opens your eyes to the fact that some people actually experience this. I felt awful for what had happened to her. Justice ought to triumph. For all of his wrongdoing, her father deserves to suffer and pay a price.

It is predicted that, like other victims of abuse, they may experience postnatal depression after a period of time. It’s a good thing she now has her husband’s unwavering support. She was able to promptly get therapy from a psychiatrist as a result of this. Bringing up memories of her heinous past has been extremely difficult. As a result, I had a difficult time reading it. It was just horrible and wicked. Her father struck me as a bad man. He smirked and chuckled at her simultaneously as she narrated what happened. What a horrible thing to do.

I have a lot of negative thoughts towards her father. I can’t picture a parent allowing his friends to rape his own daughter after raping her himself. It was terrifying. Katie is a strong lady because she survived it all. I’m pleased of what she become, even if she had a mental breakdown initially. Apart from that, she has grown in strength, and I am confident she will be a fine mother. I also believe she can and that she will be a nice wife to her husband.

I couldn’t believe it had actually happened until now. But, as a reader, I’m glad to know her tale. I will absolutely suggest it to any bookreaders who are not faint at heart, since it will undoubtedly shatter your heart many times.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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