Ningnangan Restaurant Cavite Branch

It’s my first time in a barrio-style restaurant in Kawit, Cavite. We’d been wanting grilled dishes for quite some time, so we decided to give this establishment a try. It’s a long way from home, and there will be a lot of traffic, which will make us hungry. The restaurant is large and bustling with customers.

Funnside Ningnangan is Cavite’s newest turo-turo style restaurant. It’s not like a conventional restaurant where someone comes to take your order; instead, you get a tray and select your chosen dish. Then you must queue up so that the staff may weigh the food in your tray. They will ask you what sort of meal you want from the items you selected, and they will cook and serve it to you when it is done.

It’s quite refreshing, and you’ll feel as if you’re visiting and dining in a neighborhood with lots of food prepared for you. Despite its location beside the road, you will not be bothered by the toxicity of the adjacent traffic since you will be at peace with its environment and exceptionally wonderful cuisine at a cheap price.

Ningnangan’s calm environment and good food make it better than Dampa in my opinion. The paco salad is one of my favorites. It nearly has the same flavor as what I tasted in Pampanga, the actual birthplace of paco. The only issue was that getting to Ningnangan required a lot of effort due to busy streets and heavy traffic. Even so, it is worth a try and I strongly recommend it to everyone, especially tourists who want to experience Filipino-style cuisine in a barrio-like setting.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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