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Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion Review

I know we’re dealing with a pandemic, which is why we’re all wearing face masks and some of us can’t wear make-up because, hey! What’s the use of applying make-up if we’re going to hide it under the mask? That is a valid point. Actually, I’m one of them who doesn’t use make-up for the same reason, but every now and again, a little cushion will suffice.

I’ve had this cushion with me for quite some time, and it’s almost gone. The Snody Natural Soft Milk Cushion is the one I’m referring about. Tia Story in Korea created this item. It contains milk protein extract and hyaluronic acid, which function as a moisture shield and protect the skin from tiny particles. It also contains anti-wrinkle effects, giving the skin a healthy, hydrated appearance.


🌸It prevents evaporation of moisture.
🌸Control of Sebum Secretion

How To Use

Use the puff to apply and pat onto the face.


Purified water, zinc oxide, ethtylhexyl, methoxycinnamate, cyclopentasiloxane, titanium dioxide, dimethicone, phenyl trimethicone,cyclohexasiloxane,ethylhexanoate, magnesium sulfate, milk protein extract, beeswax, centella asiatica extract, black iron oxide, talc, fragrance, propylparaben

Cushion, powder, and BB creams are among my favorite cosmetics since I don’t wear heavy makeup and because they are so lightweight. For me, utilizing such items will allow my skin to breathe, preventing acne and congested pores.

I discovered this item online, and I have read several favorable reviews of it. I thought that using a product containing milk would result in my skin being as soft as a baby at the time, so I wanted to test it. I also noted that it contains green tea extract, which gives me the impression that it is simultaneously repairing and calming my pores.

I conducted a swatched test on the opposite right side of my left hand, as you can see. You’ll also see that the shade was the same as my skin tone, but when you look more closely, you’ll find that the other half got lighter. This product’s subtle scent appealed to me. It gave me the impression that I was actually applying milk to my skin. The only thing I didn’t like was that it made my skin oilier after hours of use and was easily wiped away, so every time I wash my face with a tissue to remove the oiliness, it leaves a mark, prompting you to reapply it.

The minimal coverage BB cream-like quality that seeks to level out skin tone is something else I observed. Because of its transparency, it would not hide flaws. It has a really natural, glowy finish that makes you seem young and vibrant, which is what I enjoy about it. If I had to sum it up, it’s simply a cushion-shaped, toned-up sunscreen. Additionally, it lasts quite a time on me, which is impressive considering that it also includes a refill for a relatively inexpensive price in comparison to other cushions.

I will suggest it to anybody interested in trying a cushion containing milk ingredients.😊😊

My Overall Rating

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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