Facial Crystal Rollers Review

When I was on vacation last year, a friend suggested that I try using a jade roller and write a review for my readers. I was really busy at the time, so I was unable to accommodate her request. That was the moment I recalled her request—when I returned from vacation. I looked online for a reputable seller and learned that Dermaglow Cosmetics was based in the Philippines.

A social media called Instagram is where I discovered that online store. You may pick from a variety of high-quality crystal-based products to suit your specific skin-care requirements. You have a choice of shaping, depuffing, deep cleansing, and anti-aging tools. I simply want to let you know that Dermaglow is not sponsoring this before I go any further. I simply want to share what I bought and my ordering experience with you.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

When I originally asked a question about the jade roller, the merchant instantly responded by asking what kind of skin I had. She then informed me that the crystals they offer are tailored to certain skin types, therefore in order for them to suggest which crystal would work best for my skin type, I would need to let them know what my skin type is.

They have a Gua Sha and five different types of crystal rollers, as you can see. These crystal rollers are fantastic beauty tools that can help with skin tightening, pore reduction, minimization of dark circles and eye bags, prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, stimulation of blood flow for a natural glow, aiding in the absorption of skin care products, and helping the lymphatic system remove toxins.

They claim that the Gua Sha technique is more like a tugging and lifting action. For a thinner, more contoured appearance, its flat structure will aid in shaping, contouring, and depuffing, which are great for full cheeks, sagging skin, double chins, and other issues.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

The Black Obsidian is considered to be the most powerful protective stone of all crystal types. Its also a powerful stone that can help in digestion and with other digestive problems.

The healing energy that comes from the stone can also benefit your muscle tissues. It can help with bacterial or viral infections too perfect if you’re prone to acne breakouts.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

The Amethyst crystal has electro charged ions that helps in moving and purifying your skin from toxins. Its soothing vibration helps with skin redness and irritation making it perfect if you have oily skin or breaks out easily.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

Aventurine Green Jade crystals are ideal for soothing quick-tempers or brutal temperaments? This can greatly diminish the effects of domestic strife between spouses.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

Rose Quartz Crystal Roller is one of the most sought after crystal rollers in our line up. It is said to be the crystal of Venus that emulates and produces vibrations to attract love and beauty.

Its healing characteristics is perfect to help with skin dryness and sensitivity.

Photo credit: Dermaglow PH

White Jade will help you strengthen your mind and promote emotional healing. It will aid in the release of emotions that are preventing you from moving forward.

It has gentle and stabilizing energies that will relieve your anxieties and eliminate negative feelings that are brought about by fear, jealousy, or insecurity.

I loved that they recommended their items to their clients depending on their skin type, because I would have purchased the rose quartz without their advise. They suggested the amethyst roller and guasha, but sadly the amethyst gua sha was sold out. Instead, they substituted black obsidian, which is equally good for my skin type.

Since I am now living abroad and they are not yet accessible for shipping outside of the Philippines, I requested that they deliver the item to my Philippine address instead. The transaction happened quite quickly. They sent the item out that day, and it arrived three days later. However, I had to wait for someone to take a trip to the Philippines before I could receive and utilize the item. I had to wait a month before I could use it.

I was not at ease using either the guasha or the roller because it was my first time using either. I’m not sure whether the serum was quickly absorbed or whether it was merely transmitted to the guasha. So I first stopped using guasha. I simply used the roller. It definitely nourishes my skin. I’ve noticed that my pores are reducing and that I’m looking younger. The other creams I’m using absorbed and slid effortlessly on my skin. Due to my occasional bouts of extreme laziness, I was unable to use it every day, but I can still notice the positive impact it has had on my skin. I really love it.

I highly recommend the amethyst roller from Dermaglow store in Instagram. The professionalism and friendliness with which Dermaglow Cosmetics interacts with its clients while maintaining a professional demeanor is another reason I wish to endorse them.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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