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The Child Inside by Suzanne Bugler Book Review

I picture myself inside an envelope; I tuck myself in, the sides, the bottom, the top. I fold myself away. But the ghosts come anyway, weaving their way through my dreams”

Excerpt From:
The Child Inside
by Suzanne Bugler
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Synopsis from Goodreads

The story goes when Rachel and Andrew focus on their precious only son after their unborn baby died. Their dormant, silently-felt grief is slowly destroying their marriage and as Jono grows up and pulls away from them, Rachel finds herself to be resentful, lonely and without purpose. A chance encounter brings her into contact with an old woman whom she believes to be the mother of a friend who died as a teenager. But the woman denies that she never had a daughter, and wants nothing to do with Rachel. In desperation, Rachel tracks down Vanessa’s brother, Simon, and slowly the two of them get into a dangerous and destructive relationship..

I’d like to share one of the novels that has stuck with me long after I finished it. Suzanne Bugler’s The Child Inside is one of those stories that both caught my heart and made me sad. This book is unlike any other that has become well-known. I’m not sure how I obtained this book, but I’m glad I decided to read it. And it’s been with me till now. I had already suggested it to several of my friends… And, like me, they were delighted to have finished this book.

As an OB-Gyn nurse, I saw several patients go through labor and encounter intrauterine fetal death. This indicates that the child in her womb is already viable but has died and need to be delivered naturally or via cesarean section. Both parents feel this to be a sad occurrence after waiting months for their child and learning that the infant passed away in the womb. The same is true of this book; you will experience the depression that both parents suffered after losing their child. Even though they want to go back to the past and repair their broken relationship, they still recall how terrible it was at the time.

You will experience how quickly trust can be betrayed once depression sets in and how easily love can be influenced if the assistance someone needs is out of their grasp in this book, The Child Inside. After reading this tale and learning how the parents deal with losing their child, you might feel depressed. Each character’s yearning and desire to go back in time in an effort to alter their fate will be palpable to you.

This work is heartbreaking and will leave you sad that the narrative has come to an end. It is highly recommended for everyone who enjoys reading drama novels.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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