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Breaking My Shelf With Books: Book Haul #01

Who can argue that as nurses, we don’t have time to read books? Well, I can state that most nurses will prefer to rest due to exhausting shifts and overloads, but other nurses, like myself, can’t sleep unless they’ve read at least one chapter of a fascinating novel that they’ve purchased. Because I have a huge interest in books, I want to load my shelf with all the books I want to read but couldn’t buy previously. So here are a few books I bought from Amazon.

Yes, I’ve bought all six of these books. Even while I realize it’s a bit excessive given that I can’t read it all in a month, I still find myself drawn to them, especially when they are on sale. These are all the first things I’ve ever bought on Amazon, and I was worried they wouldn’t arrive at our house, but they did and in good shape. In addition to being really thrilled, I am eager to begin these novels. In addition, I want to discuss my motivations for buying these books based on how they made me feel and what they made me consider after reading the blurb.

YOU by Caroline Kepnes.. I know that this novel has been adapted now in Netflix but I will tell you something, I just watched and read the novel and I am the kind of person who will not watch the adaptation if not reading the novel per se. Based on what I have read, and you can also read my review on this by clicking the highlighted word “read my review”, its about a person who became obsessed to a girl and will do everything just to win her. I don’t think that this book can be categorized in romance but more on mystery/suspense/thriller. This novel was the first novel that I have from Caroline Kepnes and so far, I enjoyed it.

HIDDEN BODIES by Caroline Kepnes.. I made the choice to purchase Caroline Kepnes’ critically praised follow-up to You. I bought it because, in my opinion, since the plot in the first novel did not conclude, I should read the sequel so that I may go to sleep without always wondering what happens next. I read the book as well, and the next time I’ll give a brief summary. The protagonist of this book relocates to a new city in order to put his victims’ abuse behind him and begin a fresh life with his new partner. This piqued my attention in the suspect’s thoughts and what he may do if his fiancée finds out what he did in the place from which he originally came.

PROVIDENCE by Caroline Kepnes.. Yes, I understand. You’d think Caroline Kepnes was behind the bulk of my book haul, but since I didn’t read the book’s blurb, I thought YOU was a trilogy and that this was the third installment. Now that I’ve made the decision to read the synopsis, I found it odd that the main character has developed an uncontrollable power that I know nothing whatsoever about. However, let’s see, maybe this book will have the guts to prove that even though I don’t like reading books with superpowers, this one might be an exception.

YOU BELONG TO ME by Mark Tilbury.. Because of the front cover, I decided to buy this book. I enjoyed it, and after reading the book’s premise, I anticipate the plot will be enjoyable as well. The fact that it’s about a girl who has vanished and only one person saw the incident definitely piqued my curiosity. I’m interested in this witness’s moral code and how compelling his character will be in the book. Additionally, I’m wondering what happened to the two missing women and who the main suspect in these crimes is. So let’s find out if this book is worthwhile to read.

THE FAVORITE SISTER by Jessica Knoll.. I don’t know why, but whenever I find novels involving sisters, spouses, and husbands, I am immediately drawn to purchase them without even reading the summary. My initial impression of this book was that it was about two sisters who are best friends as well as rivals. I wouldn’t say that having a sister and being friendly with her makes me able to relate to this book, but every time I encounter novels like this, my interest is extremely heightened. Really, I have no idea why.

I CAN BE A BETTER YOU by Tarryn Fisher.. I was very blown away by this book after reading the synopsis. I quickly clicked the Amazon checkout button because of this book. It’s overpowering, and I believe the majority of bookworms who enjoy mysteries, suspense, and thrillers would comprehend why I chose to purchase this book. The protagonist of the tale aspires to take the position of the neighbor because she wants all that person has. I’m hoping the plot will be fantastic. I had great hopes after reading the synopsis, and I sincerely hope that I will be satisfied after reading the book.

These are my book purchases. Purchasing all of them made me quite pleased since I truly liked and appreciated reading books. As you can see from my purchases, I enjoy mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. What do you think of my collection of books? Have you read every book on this list? Comment below with your ideas and suggestions. I appreciate you stopping by my website. 😊

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