Samgyupsalamat Unlimited Korean BBq Review


Have you ever had a craving for Korean food? Have you heard the term “samgyeopsal”? It is a Korean food that means grilled dish, and in the Philippines, practically all Filipinos (including myself) are definitely invaded by Koreans, which is why many Korean restaurants emerged and served samgyeopsal.

This was the first time we had eaten at the Imus branch of one of the famous samgyupsalamat in the Philippines. It is situated at Sun City Plaza, next to Sunlife Branch and S & R Imus. We did not have to wait very long to get a seat because it is on the second floor and, in contrast to other branches, has a wide capacity.

These menus are those that are shown outside the restaurant. Accordingly, the prices vary based on what time of day you choose to eat. They run a “HAPPY HOUR” promotion on weekdays from 11 am to 3 pm. Php399 for an infinite supply of five different types of pork, and Php499 for an unlimited supply of both beef and ten different types of pork. Each will have a different price from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m., on weekends and holidays. Five infinite varieties of pork will cost PHP 449, while ten unlimited varieties of both pork and beef would cost PHP 499 each. With that much, they will also provide limitless sides, unlimited rice, and unlimited iced tea. According to them, they are utilizing fresh pork and importing Angus beef from Europe, and it is quite inexpensive and worth the money.

Our table’s exhaust system’s poor performance was the only issue we had. Because of how sparse our meal was, we were unable to really enjoy it, which made the smoke in the place difficult to tolerate. We were six people at the time, and there were no other seats available that were close to one another, so we were unable to request a seat change. The flavors of all the items offered were fantastic, though, so that was really what matters. We travelled far from home because of this.

To anyone else who likewise has a need for unlimited grill or samgyeopsal, I would wholeheartedly suggest this place.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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