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Most of us are stressed out, whether it’s from job, school, or relationships. We’d all like to get away from it, or at the very least figure out how to deal with it.

My tastes in things shifted as time passed. I used to cope by stress-eating, but suddenly I felt completely different. Diffusers and fragrant candles have piqued my interest recently. I got a number of scented candles the last time I went to Bath & Body Works, and I’m really pleased with them.

Photo credit: Young Living

I became fatigued and anxious the last time I was on continuous duty. When I mentioned it to a friend, she advised Young Living. It was pricey, but I gave it a go. I bought and registered, and it’s a real blast. For $150, I purchased the premium starter package, which included 1 desert mist diffuser, 11 essential oils, 3 ningxia red mixed fruit beverages, 1 aromaGlide, and 6 roller fitmets.

Those 11 perfumes, according to my friend, may last a year or two depending on how regularly you use them and how you combine the smells to create a new aroma. She also offered me a list of mixed smells that are pretty fascinating and can give the impression that you’re experimenting. I’m pretty thrilled to attempt to combine all of things, so I’m going to share it with you all.

As of now, I’m testing them one by one, and I’m pleased since the aroma fills my entire room, and I’m really liking it. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and lavender have wonderful scents that I like. Those are really soothing and will aid in proper breathing. I find that the smell of lavender is also quite relaxing.

Gary Young is the founder of Young Living, a company committed to bettering people’s lives via his lifetime love for serving and inspiring people well beyond their current circumstances. All essential oils are completely organic and will not harm any human on the planet. Young Living is a multinational firm that has been in operation for 25 years.

Photo credit: Young Living
How To Purchase?

The most cost effective way to purchase these essential oils or the premium starter kit is through online. And just like most other online shopping experiences it will give you access to the same price they are offering worldwide.

  • Go to the Young Living website.
  • Select to get started as a member and choose your starter kit. I recommend the Premium Starter Kit.
    • Enjoy a 24% discount off retail prices and access wholesale prices for life on the entire Young Living product range (supplements, beauty & makeup, cleaning, kids etc!)
    • No minimum spend or monthly orders required.
  • Choose to set up your free Essential Rewards program & get access to instant reward points.
  • Complete your personal details and please include my membership number 23851891 as the referrer to get access to resources and recipes, and get access to my discounted services sessions.

I am really happy with my purchased. It has been my dream before to get a humidifier. It really made me relaxed. Though its expensive, its really nice to try. 😊😊

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