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New Mystery/ Thriller Novels For December 2020

This is my preferred genre. I’m not sure, but I particularly enjoy mysteries and thrillers. I always look forward to reading all of the novels in this category, and here are the new novels that I am looking forward to reading in December.

1. Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane

First time I’ve heard of Darby Kane. I think this is her debut novel and I am very much looking forward to read this novel. I have read a lot of good reviews and this novel became the number 1 novel for The Book Of The Month. So I will definitely read this one. The expected publication date of this novel will be on December 29…😊

2. The Wrong Family by Tarryn Fisher

Another psychological thriller from Tarryn Fisher and I am really excited about this. Her novel “The Wives” became an outrageous bestseller novel and I think many of those thriller lovers like me will really expect more on this new novel. I have read the synopsis and I am satisfied on what I have read and I am excited to read this one as well. The expected publication date of this novel will be on December 29 from Graydon House.

3. The Last To See Her by Courtney Evan Tate

Another new author for me and after reading the synopsis, I think I already have a hint on what will happen next or what is the story all about but anyway, I need to read it first before judging it and because I really love thriller novels, I am hoping that this one will be outrageous. The expected publication of this novel will be on December 15.

4. The Wrong Alibi by Christina Dodd

I think this one is not a stand-alone novel and story happened in Alaska. Actually when I read the synopsis, I don’t know but it did not give me any excitement, like the story is predictable and when it comes to mystery/ suspense, I prefer the novel as a stand-alone one because sometimes the second one diesn’t give me any shock or any new revelation. This novel will be published on December 29 under HQN.

5. Every Last Secret by A.R. Torre

Upon reading the synopsis of this novel, this one really got me. For me, the synopsis of this novel was very well written. It will really get the attention of the reader. I was really interested on what will be the flow of the story of this novel making me feel like I really want to get this book immediately. I hope that the whole story will be as wow as the synopsis. The expected publication of this novel will be on December 1 under Thomas & Mercer.

These five books have piqued my interest in the month of December. Except for The Wrong Alibi, I believe I will read the four novels. I just don’t feel like reading it after reading the blurb, but I believe the other four novels would be wonderful December reads… 😊😊

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