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When To Use Toners, Astringents and Essences??

We are all aware of the evolution of skincare products. There are more options now, as opposed to the past when we could just use soap to clean our skin. Since I am not an expert when it comes to skincare products, my skincare regimen is not good enough. Sometimes, like any other women, I struggle with lethargy, and I would rather sleep than move my body a little.

A straightforward one-step procedure previously became two, then three, and now it has reached 10 with so many variations in names and forms that I truly have no idea how each of the items that are currently on the market were created. Do not misunderstand me; I adore skin care products. They have a huge fan in me. My eyes are beaming with joy whenever I see beauty products. I want to buy every single one of them. However, there are occasions when you’ll be perplexed because you want to utilize a recent product release but discover when you go to the store to buy it that a different product with different ingredients has been introduced. What a gorgeous industry there is in skincare. 😊

Astringents were present in the 1980s and 1990s, followed by generations of toners and, finally, K-beauty essences. Even I am not an expert on how to use those three. Let us know how and when to utilize those, and clear up any doubt we may have about those three.

So what exactly is an astringent, toner and essence?

Because we’re getting mixed up between the three, let’s pretend they were our high school friends. Astringent is a classmate who is continually causing problems in the classroom. They are the ones that start and stoke the conflict in class. “Most astringents contain witch hazel, which is typically regarded harsh and abrasive, but may perform miracles by eliminating excess oil in our skin,” experts say.

Toner, on the other hand, is our classroom homebody. He is only a buffer who frequently avoids conflict. Toners are used after cleaning to balance the pH of the skin, according to cosmetic experts. Because certain facial cleansers remove the skin’s pH, leaving it dry or even irritating, toner is used after washing to balance the skin’s environmental conditions.

On the other hand, let us think of essences as the top pupils in the class. They are lovely and always go above and beyond when it comes to getting the best scores. According to experts, these essences will provide moisture to the skin, making it seem healthy and nourished.

How To Use The Product?

Actually, there is no correct technique to use those items. Unlike essences, toners and astringents are interchangeable. While essences are often applied with finger pads since their primary purpose is to give moisture to the skin, toners and astringents are typically applied with cotton pads or round pads to remove dirt or residue from the face. It is thus highly advised to apply the essence on our hands and gently press them into the skin with our fingertips for absorption.

After using an abrasive scrub or after repeatedly washing our faces, toner will assist restore the skin’s pH balance because it has a slightly acidic pH. Astringents are frequently utilized when we have oily skin since they remove the oil from our faces, although most essences are ideal for flaky skin because they contain moisture.

No matter what we use or how we choose to utilize these products, no matter how many steps we take, they can definitely help us with our skin problems.

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