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Joe’s and Teo’s Baby Back Ribs Review

Last time, before the pandemic hit, we went to Joe’s and Toe’s Baby Back Ribs in Naic to test out their new menu. Since they were offering back ribs, we initially thought it was costly, but they also offer promo dinners for just Php 99.

The atmosphere made us feel like we were in Texas (despite the fact that I’d never been there before), and at first, we were the only customers inside due to the restaurant’s inconspicuous placement.

We got the dinner for two, which included four side dishes, back ribs and chicken, two cups of rice, and two beverages for Php499. The rice can be made into bagoong rice, however I didn’t want any.

I would describe the atmosphere as wonderful and rather refreshing. The dish had a passable flavor. The ribs are quite difficult to eat, but the chicken is tender. They only served little portions of rib and chicken, which is insufficient for sharing. The fact that the sauce they put on the back ribs is really spicy, which I love, made me appreciate it. If you like a less hot sauce, you may also ask for it. Decent sides are provided. I consumed all of the buttered baby potatoes and shredded corn. They have a friendly service, and meal is served in around 15 minutes.

Given that I adore food, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal here. Since they are selling back ribs, I will suggest that they make them more tender. Maybe we will come back some other time, but not for that craving.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 2 out of 5.

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