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Sooperbeaute’s Beautiful Skin Serum Review

Korean serums are my absolute favorite. I’m often tempted to buy serums when I see them online. And the other day, I was browsing my Instagram account, and this thing piqued my interest.

Since most of my serums are clear like water, I was astounded by the color of Sooperbeaute’s Beautiful Skin Serum and wanted to test it right away. I’ve read a lot of positive feedback. It was so compelling that I didn’t think twice about it.

Vitamins B3, E, and tea tree extract are all present in this serum. It is a mild serum that increases skin hydration. It eliminates hyperpigmentation, old scars, and dark areas. Along with correcting and evening out skin tone, this serum also uses niacinamide and vitamin B3 to lessen skin redness and prevent dryness. They claim that the vitamin E in this serum naturally shields the skin from UV radiation. It also treats acne using tea tree oil extract, which is suitable for dry or sensitive skin.


🌸Versatile serum can be used as a moisturizer or as a makeup primer
🌸Fades dark spots, leftover scars, and hyperpigmentation
🌸Corrects and evens out skin tone
🌸Reduces skin redness with vitamin B3 and niacinamide
🌸Prevents skin dryness with its nourishing properties
🌸Naturally protects against sun rays with vitamin E
🌸Helps treat acne with tea tree oil extract
🌸Can be used on dry or sensitive skin

How To Use

After cleanser and toner, apply a pea-sized amount onto the face and neck to glow.


Water, Carbomer, Phenoxyethanol, Triethonolamine, Glycerine, Tea Tree Extract, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Fragrance

Because I adore serums and am extremely careful about their formulation, I was motivated to buy it, and I was astounded to learn that it is entirely manufactured in the Philippines. I purchased it online through Shopee in accordance with instructions from Sooperbeaute’s Instagram account, and I’m pleased to see that the serum only costs PHP169. I purchased two serums because they were on sale at the time. The Baby Skin serum is the alternative, which I shall explore later.

Haha. Sorry for my picture. 🤭🤭

I finally received the products in decent condition after two days of waiting. I used it right away the first night I got it, and I can tell that its color made it incredibly cool. It was the first time I utilized serums which were unlike any other serums I’d ever used. I also felt that this serum is so thick that I couldn’t obtain enough of it since the applicator or plunger was broken. I’m not sure why; perhaps it’s due to its thickness or consistency. Only a few weeks into using this product, I found nothing exceptional.

Despite the fact that this serum has a grapefruit scent, which I truly enjoy, it did nothing for my skin. I’ve had problematic skin for the past few days, and while some reviews claim that this serum actually helps in avoiding acne, it doesn’t work for me. I observed that it made my skin irritated and itching, but it did not get rid of the zits that were on my chin. A new pimple began developing on my chin, so I stopped using it.

This product is not suited for my skin, thus I will not repurchase it. I personally wouldn’t advise this to anybody with sensitive skin.

💫Though I experienced bad result with this product, we have a different skin type, so what may be effective for me will not be as effective for you or vice versa. So better to always read comments and reviews on every products that we will use on our skin and always consider the skin type and correlate it to the products that you will use to prevent any irritation and any untoward results.. 😊😊

My Overall Rating

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

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