Crash Landing On You Review

I adore Korean dramas, and they are great at lifting my spirits. One of them is this “crash landing on you.” Originally, I was not a fan of Hyun Bin, but after watching this drama, I became one.

Photos from Netflix

Synopsis from Wikipedia:

Crash Landing on You is about the story of two lovers, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), a South Korean heiress, and Ri Jeong-hyeok (Hyun Bin), a member of the North Korean Elite and the Captain of the North Korean Special Forces. One day, Yoon Se-ri had a paragliding ride in Seoul, South Korea and a sudden tornado knocks her out and blows her off course. The incident brought her to North Korea, a country forbidden for South Koreans. There she meets Ri Jeong-hyeok, literally falling into his arms from the tree. Ri Jeong-hyeok eventually gives Yoon Se-ri shelter, and develops plans to secretly help her return to South Korea. Over time, they fell in love, despite the divide and dispute between their respective countries.

Meanwhile, Se-ri’s family thought that she was dead and suppresses the news for fear it will depress the stock price of the family-controlled chaebol. Se-ri’s and Jeong-hyeok’s story is intertwined with that of Seo Dan (Seo Ji-hye) and Gu Seung-jun (Kim Jung-hyun). Dan is the beautiful daughter of a wealthy North Korean department store owner. She has been engaged to Captain Ri through an arranged marriage and whom she has only met a few times. As she returns to Pyongyang, she crosses paths, not for the first time, with Gu Seung-jun. Gu Seung-jun, who had previously been engaged to Se-ri, has come to North Korea under the protection of corrupt North Korean officers.

The story follows Jeong-hyeok and Se-ri as they try to get her home. The story eventually shifts to Seoul where both comedy and drama ensue for all four main characters, Se-ri’s family, and the arch-villain Cho Cheol-gang.

I grew really interested in North Korean culture as a result of this show. I looked into a few aspects of their way of life. There are many dramatic and amusing situations in this novel. I have the utmost admiration for Captain Ri’s five comrades. They are hilarious. The revelation of how Captain Ri’s brother died was the part that I found to be the most emotional. The antagonist is outstanding. I hated him so much. Overall, this drama is excellent. Despite being busy at work, I managed to finish it in just three days. I’m now intrigued with North Korean-themed dramas. It’s really fascinating.

I didn’t know Hyun Bin was that attractive till this drama. Although I did not pay much attention to his appearance when I watched him in Secret Garden, I anticipate that both his acting and his appearance will get better with time. In fact, I like their chemistry together, and I believe they are deserving of all the awards this drama has given them.

The series was a huge success not just in South Korea but also throughout Asia, particularly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. A number of celebrities posted images on their social media accounts confirming their viewing of the program. Hours before the program aired, the finale was the most popular trending subject on Twitter. Crash Landing on You also became one of the most popular series on Netflix, which has the rights to distribute the program outside of South Korea. The program’s popularity persisted long after it had concluded.

I heartily urge everyone who like Kdramas to watch this Korean drama series. You will undoubtedly enjoy all of the characters and the plot of this series.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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