Dwaeji Samgyupsal Unlimited Korean BBq Review

Because I’ve been wanting grilled food, and because Korean cuisine and products are all the rage, I decided to dine like a Korean. 😍😍

We went to try the Dwaeji Samgyupsal. It is a modest restaurant on the second floor, next to the highway, in Naic, Cavite, which is fairly close to our house.

If you choose unlimited pork exclusively, the price is PHP299 and the deal is valid until 3pm. Unlimited beef, chicken, and pork are available for PHP399 each. There are infinite side dishes in addition to the unlimited amounts of pork, beef, and chicken. Apart from that, they also offer endless cheese for an extra Php50, and a pitcher of iced tea would cost you an additional Php100. They also have rules, such as the need that you consume the whole serving of the pork, beef, and chicken that you will grill in order to avoid being charged for any leftovers.

Uhmmm… How shall I put it? Because I love samgyeopsal so much, whenever I see a place that serves grilled beef or pork, I had to go in and order something. The flavor of grilled pork, beef, and chicken is pleasant and quite addicting here at Dwaeji Samgyupsal. What I don’t like about this restaurant is that they don’t offer marinated meat or pork, so if you don’t know how to use sauces, the pork and beef you’re cooking will taste bland. The fact that their restaurant is upstairs and is small makes it inaccessible to those with disabilities, which is another reason I am upset with the location. I’m unable to bring my aunt since she is unable to walk for that reason. In contrast to other buildings, this one has no elevator.

I won’t claim that they have a wide selection of side dishes, but I will say that the flavor of their side dishes was excellent. I really like their kimchi, however I’m not sure whether they make it because it’s not really sour. Additionally, I appreciated how they cooked and presented their buttered baby potatoes because they weren’t overly oily or difficult to consume.

Since it’s the closest samgyeopsal restaurant to our home, I’ll definitely return there again the following time.

My Overall Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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